Fully Licensed Elk Grove Village IL Air Quality Services

Air Quality Control and Maintenance Elk Grove Village ILProtect your family and your home from unhealthy and over-dry air. Even if your home looks and smells clean, unclean and over-dry air could still be causing harm. Whether you are interested in a humidifier and air cleaner or are looking to get one repaired, Authority Mechanical can assist you.

Humidifier Guidance and Installation

If you can visibly see and physically feel your home and body drying out, a humidifier is for you. Sore throats, dry skin and aggravated allergies are just a few of the symptoms of dry air. As for your home, chipped paint, splitting wood floors and molding are indicators that overly-dry air is plaguing you.

For help in selecting a humidifier or humidifier installation, call Authority Mechanical. We have the ability to assist you in selecting, installing and repairing humidifiers in your home.

Is your air clean?

Home air cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, they are also called a variety of other names, including air purifiers and ionizers. No matter what you call it, a home air cleaner helps rid the air of pollutants that would otherwise be inhaled by you and your loved ones.

For aid in selecting an air cleaner, installation of an air cleaner, or repair on an existing air cleaner, Authority Mechanical has experience in quality service. Call us today to find out how we can help keep your home clean and pure.

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