About Us

Authority Mechanical logo, Elk Grove Village IL

We are Pat Egan and Brian Kizior, and we are the two individuals who power Authority Mechanical.  Each of us have years of experience working for various heating, cooling and handyman service companies.  After working together at the same company for many years, we decided that we would be happiest branching off on our own, taking over fifty years of industry experience with us.

In May of 2011, we started Authority Mechanical.  Since then, we have been free to develop lasting relationships with clientele, many of which were the same clientele who encouraged and insisted that we diverge from our previous employer to start our own organization.  This venture has developed into a very successful, long-term endeavor.

One of the things we pride ourselves on most at Authority Mechanical is that when you call us, you get us.  We are the ones you speak to on the phone, and we’re the same ones you get on your service call and throughout the entire project.  You’re not just another project to us.  We have high standards and personalized service, and that’s our favorite part about being out on our own.

Simply contact us for cost and pricing information.

Emergency? Call (847) 879-1071